10 Drinks That Are Surprisingly Unhealthy And You Should Not Drink

When it comes to grabbing something quick that can quench your thirst, plain old water just doesn’t cut it. At times like these, you try to reach for healthy drinks, but end up with something quite the opposite.

Hi readers and welcome back to Healthy Mind — Think Big! There certainly are a lot of drink choices out there. But you can’t always believe what advertisers say these days. Phrases that suggest health benefits like “All Natural” and “Low Calorie” don’t always mean. What do you think they do? This is why it’s up to you to educate yourself about proper nutrition and read the label. In today’s post we will be telling you about popular beverages you thought were healthy, but are not. From fruit smoothies, sports drinks, vitamin water, and lemonade to whole milk, and more, read until the end to learn about all of them.


You’re better off drinking a glass of water and snacking on a handful of raw almonds. As it turns out, the majority of almond milk you would find at a grocery store is only made up of about 2% real almonds and lacks most of the healthy fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals you get from eating the nuts in their solid form. In addition, many almond milk products contain sweeteners and added sugars. Silk vanilla almond milk, for example, contains 16 grams of sugar per cup that burdens you with unnecessary and empty calories.

What’s your favorite type of milk? Is it regular milk? soy? or something else? Tell us quickly below in the comment section!


Tea is no doubt a good drink, but it’s full of disease-busting antioxidants. But syrupy sweet iced teas contain a ton of sugar, practically canceling out all the health benefits. Some popular brands have over 30 grams of sugar in one bottle. Yes, that’s more like a dessert. Unsweetened iced tea is your best bet, whether you’re getting a bottled one or at a restaurant, since it contains zero added sugar. If plain is too bitter, add one teaspoon of sweetener yourself. This will be less than the pre-mixed tea. Squeeze a lemon or orange on top of it for an additional flavor boost.


Part of the reason coconut water is so hot right now is because it’s packed with electrolytes, like potassium. One 16-ounce container supplies more than 25% of the mineral you need for the day. Electrolytes are minerals that help keep your body’s fluids in balance so that your body is hydrated. You probably don’t need to sip it all day, but it can be helpful if you’re sweating a lot during the summer or an activity. Read labels carefully, though. Flavored versions, like pineapple or mango, can pack more than 30 grams of sugar per 16-ounce container. Some have less because they use calorie-free sweeteners. The best thing to do would be to stick to plain coconut water, which doesn’t contain added sugar. Drink it when you need to hydrate, not just casually throughout the day. Remember it still contains calories.

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