10 SUPERFOODS That You Shouldn’t OVEREAT!

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Superfoods might be the cure for every problem life throws at you. Be it acne, stress, low energy levels, or inflammation…superfoods always have your back. But the problem starts when you rely on them a little too much and forget where to stop. If you’re thinking “come on, it’s just food! How bad can it be?” then you better read today’s post as we discuss superfoods you really shouldn’t overeat.

Do avocados have a dark side? Is green tea a double-edged sword? We are discussing all that and more… When you are into eating healthy you might prefer carrying your own snack. And what better snack than nuts? Despite being tiny they pack a ton of nutrients. They can easily be thrown in your pocket or bag. A fistful of almonds, cashews, pistachios, or raisins will do wonders for your body.

But does having the same amount of Brazil Nuts help? Sadly, no! Brazil nuts, without a doubt, bring massive health benefits. We often focus only on vitamins and forget about minerals. But these nuts contain magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and the most noteworthy of all, Selenium. Brazil nuts are one of the best vegan dietary sources for Selenium. The thyroid gland needs it to metabolize thyroid hormones, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and synthesize DNA. The recommended adult allowance of Selenium is 55 micrograms whereas 1 Brazil nut contains 68 to 91 micrograms of Selenium. That’s why guzzling up a handful of these nuts is a bad idea.

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Your body will not be able to handle excess Selenium and can show acute symptoms like dizziness, hair loss, stomach upset, brittle nails, skin lesions, and nervous system problems. At times it can affect your respiratory system, and cause a heart attack or kidney failure. Be warned these could be lethal. But if you stick to one or two Brazil nuts per day you will be able to enjoy maximum health benefits. Roast them in your oven, and sprinkle some seasoning, lime juice, and spices to enjoy it as a snack. Alternatively, you could also use them in your pesto sauces, trail mixes, cereal bowls, noodles, and chocolate brownies.

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Our next superfood that’s walking on thin ice is Star Fruit. This fruit is different from apples and bananas. It has got lots of fiber, proteins, folate, potassium magnesium, and copper which also elevate its nutritional profile. It’s filled with Vitamin C and helps in controlling blood sugar. It’s a dream of every salad eater. It’s definitely better than a bag of chips and soda. But this is why your favorite tangy fruit might be cheating on you. If you are someone with kidney issues then it’s best to talk to your doctor before eating them regularly. They might ask you to modulate the dose of star fruit or just stay away from it completely. This fruit has high oxalate content and may exert undue pressure on the delicate kidneys. It can also mess up your nervous system and cause confusion, seizures, and even death. So always be cautious.

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