11 ALARMING Signs You’re Eating TOO MUCH SUGAR!


What’s your diet like? Do you feel like you’re eating too many sweets? You don’t need to stuff candy down your throat every minute to be getting your sugar fix for the day. That could come in so many other ways. Did you know that over 11% of the U.S. population has diabetes? That’s over 37 million people. An estimated 8 million people have it without being diagnosed.

Let’s talk today about some signs you’re eating way too much sugar. Are you constantly gaining weight? Do you get easily irritated? Are you having digestive issues? Let’s talk about all that AND more…


One of the first signs you’ll notice is your inability to properly digest food. When you start feeling those stomach cramps set in, you’re going to dread the act of eating. Digestive problems will also change your bathroom habits. The massive amount of sugar you’re eating will cause things like diarrhea. You’ll find yourself rushing to the toilet a lot quicker. Sugar is known to irritate your gut. It reduces the number of healthy bacteria through something known as a leaky gut syndrome. This is when gaps form in the intestinal walls, allowing bacteria and toxins to leak into the bloodstream. While doctors usually don’t diagnose a leaky gut, one of the symptoms to watch out for is cramping and bloating. Your stomach will feel like it’s about to explode. If you’ve been experiencing these digestive issues, you should probably cut back on sugar.


If every meal you’re eating contains gross added sugar, your cognitive ability is going to be affected. You’ll notice yourself unable to focus or remember details. This will result in a lot of those embarrassing moments where you’ll be stuck trying to remember something you knew just yesterday.

Let’s talk for a second about Hyperglycemia. This is when your blood glucose levels are too high. It happens when your body can’t use insulin properly. While your brain needs glucose to run, too much of it can lead to inflammation, putting unwanted pressure on your brain. Studies have shown that people with type-2 diabetes are more likely to show symptoms of brain fog. All the more reason to cut back on sweets.

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