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Hey Guys! You bathe regularly to keep your body clean and healthy. But that’s just on the outside. Have you ever thought about cleaning it from the inside? This is where detox drinks can help you. They clean your body of toxins, boost your health, and give your skin a healthy glow. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about 11 detox drinks that are super good for you. How do you make watermelon mint detox water? What’s a de-bloat drink? What ingredients go in a fat flush detox? We’ll be talking about all of these AND more…

1. Watermelon Mint Detox Water

In the mood for a minty fresh drink? You’ve got to try watermelon mint water! It tastes delicious AND is super good for you health-wise. If you’re looking to bring down your blood pressure, fresh watermelon is one of the best ways to do it. Research has shown that along with reducing blood pressure, watermelon can also help bring your bodyweight down, along with your BMI. Instead of eating the watermelon, you can mix mint with watermelon and make detox water. Mint also works as a digestive aid, so it works well with watermelon. To make this concoction, you will need to mix watermelon and mint with some lemon and ginger and leave it aside overnight. You can then have the water the next day.

Believe me when I say this is insanely refreshing! You’ll be energized for the whole day! This will make your work as well as daily chores that much easier. You can carry this detox water with you to your workplace. It’s the perfect drink for lazy afternoons when you’re feeling down and need a “Pick Me Up”. Do you feel tired in the afternoon? How do you re-energize yourself? Sound off in the comment section, and start a conversation with our Healthy Mind — Think Big community…

2. Orange-Carrot Ginger Detox

You may not believe this, but oranges and carrots go together perfectly. While carrots are not known for being the tastiest food on the planet, mixing them with oranges makes a great detox drink. When you add a bit of ginger to the mix, you’re giving it a spicy kick. This makes the detox water a lot easier to drink. Oranges are packed with antioxidants as well as the all-important vitamin C. Carrots have beta-carotene and various fibers that can help reduce your weight and also boost your digestion. Ginger has always been a known remedy for digestion and stomach cramps. As a result, this particular detox water will come packed with all the health benefits you need. Looking for answers on all the latest health and wellness news? Hit that “Subscribe” button, and join our millions of followers. Stay up to date on all our great Healthy Mind — Think Big content…

3. Ginger Litchi Lemonade

How often do you have ginger with anything? It’s better for you than you think. Ginger helps our digestion, while also possessing anti-inflammatory properties. It’s traditionally added to tea so it can reduce inflammation throughout your body. But instead of tea, try making yourself a lemonade this time and adding ginger to it. It’s particularly refreshing in the summer season. Adding litchi to it will only increase the flavor.

4. Detox Beet Juice

We’re taking the no-so-fun foods, and making them delicious! Beets are packed with a number of really important nutrients. These nutritional benefits can help reduce your blood pressure levels and allow your blood to flow easier. These effects will only help you lose weight. Along with the beets, the detox juice also contains apple, ginger, coconut water, carrots, and lemon. The combination will increase your vitamin levels, while also reducing the amount of cravings you get in between meals. Ideally, to make this detox juice, you will need a blender or a juicer. Also, make sure you wash your fruits and veggies, as well as peel them before blending.

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5. De-bloat Detox Drink

Bloating is one of the problems many people have after eating a meal. This happens when there’s gas trapped in your gut, or an increased amount of pressure on it. One of the effects of bloating is an enlargement in the waist. Fortunately, bloating is a temporary problem that can be fixed. One of the ways to do that is with the de-bloat detox drink. The ingredients include lemon, green tea, and mint, all of which are known to help your digestive system. As bloating occurs from activity in the intestines, anything that can help relieve them will improve the situation. These three ingredients do exactly that. You no longer need to worry about an expanded waist.

All you have to do is steep green tea in a cup of boiled water. Add juice from half a lemon, along with a fistful of mint leaves before mixing. Your de-bloat detox drink is now ready to enjoy!

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