11 Proven Tips To Maximize Muscle Recovery

Hey Guys, Have you heard of a “Fitness Hangover”? it has nothing to do with partying in booze. This is a term that most gym rats use. When you are all pumped up to push harder in the gym, your muscles might have an altogether different plan. Sore, aching muscles due to a killer workout the previous day don’t allow you to train effectively.

In today’s post let’s discuss the 11 best things for quick muscle recovery. Should you drink tart cherry juice? What about cryotherapy? Wait a minute can wearing tights reduce muscle fatigue? we’re discussing all that and more…

#1 Use of Foam Roller: Delayed onset of muscle soreness or “doms” occurs due to microscopic tears of your muscle filaments. Intense resistance training or even a simple workout if you have been inactive for a while, can give you painful muscles. When the pain strikes, you might even have to go for days without working out. At times you won’t be able to target a particular muscle group, which can put you behind in your fitness plan. But all this can be avoided by using a foam roller. The knots formed in your muscles are the real reason for pain. The scientific term for muscle knots is Myofascial adhesions. Use a semi-rigid or a rigid roller post-workout or before you begin training. It can be part of your warm-up, improve your flexibility, and speed up your muscle recovery. If you have had a strenuous leg day, then concentrate on the muscles of your thighs and calves. Don’t be in a rush and exert enough pressure so you feel released from pain. Studies have shown that this kind of massage helps to decrease doms after exercising. That is why athletes make it a point to keep a roller handy.

#2 Drink Chocolate Milk: Having a post-workout snack is just as important as any other meal of your day. It can instantly revitalize your body without experiencing an energy crash.

When you are in a time crunch preparing nutritious snacks can be difficult. Store-bought snacks can often have lots of fat and sugar. How about a delicious glass of chocolate milk? Cocoa powder has proteins that provide nutrients for muscle tissues to begin the repair. This drink has a balance of chocolaty carbs and proteins. Studies have also shown these carbs to be beneficial and prepare your body for the next workout.

#3 Have a Refreshing Siesta: We often complain of sleepless nights after an afternoon snooze. This usually happens when you have an inactive lifestyle. Since you have worked your body more than an average person, you will require more rest than others for the night. Having a short nap in the daytime can enhance your performance at the gym. Sleep is a natural detox for your body. A night of good sleep can get rid of the toxins accumulated during the workout. Studies have shown that men who clocked more than 7 hours of sleep had better handgrip strength than those who slept less than 6 hours some athletes even sleep for more than 10 hours a night. This is the time when your body generates hormones that help you bulk up by growing muscles. Getting an early night’s sleep can leave you super refreshed.

#4 Cryotherapy: It might be a scary thing to take a cold bath immediately after a strenuous day at the gym. After a rigorous training session, your muscles undergo a normal process of inflammation and swelling. It’s just a sign that they are adapting to the workout and becoming stronger. The aching muscles should subside within a day or two. If it lasts more than that you must take a cold bath to accelerate recovery. Cryotherapy’s foundation is built on a similar concept. Cryotherapy is exposing your body to near-freezing temperatures like an ice bath. Studies have shown that whole-body cryotherapy reduces the inflammatory markers from the muscles.

#5 Drink Tart Cherry Juice: Pain relief is not in your medicine cabinet but in your refrigerator. If you feel stiff as a log after that spinning class or after a long run you need a powerful pain reliever. Have some tart cherry juice asap. You will recover much faster. Also, it is quicker than most painkillers, without a heap of side effects. Studies have shown athletes who drank tart cherry juice had a considerably lower rate of pain in the muscles and faster recovery than those who did not have this juice. The peel of cherries has the same enzyme that most popular painkillers have. Always choose brands that have organic cherry juice you will get maximum benefits with minimum amounts of preservatives and chemicals. Tart Cherry Juice is also known to keep bone disorders like osteoporosis away.

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