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I’m done! It’s really time to take control of my life. I want to drive a cool car, travel once a month, take care of my friends & family and enjoy every day! I’m sure I have enough motivation and patience. So I’m gonna introduce these Rich People’s Habits into my life.

Step #01. Get up early : Charged with motivation, I wake up with the first ring of my alarm clock. It’s 5 a.m. This isn’t as popular as getting up at 6 a.m., but not too early either. So, what’s the reason for the early rise? I look out the window. The sounds of a sleeping city, the beginning of dawn, it’s fascinating. Waking up so early, I have the opportunity to charge myself with energy and confidence for the whole day. Okay, just don’t fall asleep again.

Step #02. Warm-up : This can be running, yoga, gym or outdoor workout. I prefer yoga and I spend at least 30 minutes doing it. A beautiful and healthy body isn’t the main reason for training. For me, it’s a psychological tone. Abs and tightened muscles are a nice bonus. After the morning workout, I feel ready for everything. I’ve spent some energy but received much more of it back. My mood is great. By the way, playing sports improves brain activity — this is proven.

Step #03. Contrast shower : You can take a regular shower, but I choose the hard way. It’s very beneficial for the body. Turn on hot water, and the blood vessels expand; turn on the cold, and they narrow down, improving blood circulation. Plus, it’s more effective than any coffee. Just don’t take a contrast shower if you have heart problems. So, I’ve got up at 5 a.m., had a good yoga warm-up, and taken a shower. Within a single hour, my body has experienced so much stress that any difficulties of the day ahead will seem no more than a trifle. Moving on to my favorite habit now.

Step #04. Meditation : There are thousands of lessons about meditation on the Internet. I won’t bore you with details, here’s just a quick overview. I sit in the lotus position, keeping my back straight, turn on the timer for 15 minutes and just follow my breath. It’s been a couple of months now, and I’m already feeling the effect, you know. Here’s an example. Back before I started practicing meditation, I once stood in the line at a store, realizing I didn’t have enough money for chocolate milk. (so I like chocolate milk, okay?) I took out my credit card, fished for some pennies, but that still wasn’t enough. People behind me started to get annoyed. The cashier was filing return — too slowly for my liking. I was embarrassed, ashamed, and even angry, so rushed outside as fast as I could. It was a real stress. Even when I left the store, I still kept thinking about this situation for a long time. Later, unlikely as it sounds, I found myself at the same store and with the same story: no money for chocolate milk. You’d think I’d learn. Anyway, the only difference was that I’d practiced meditation for a month before. As I felt those feelings of shame and anger growing inside me, I said “NO” to them. And they got away! I realized their appearance, which meant I controlled them! I calmly returned the milk without a single second thought. I didn’t care about those who hurried me in the line because I knew — it’s an absolutely normal situation. Nothing could ruin my mood because I controlled it. I uh, also learned to carry around enough money…

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