19 Foods That Improve Unhealthy Lungs And Help You Breathe Easy

When it comes to your health, what you put into your body goes a long way. That’s no different for your lungs. If you truly want to improve your overall health, it’s important to take good care of your lungs. If you’re concerned about warding off lung diseases, repairing any damage that you may have done over the years with smoking, or managing an existing lung condition, such as COPD or asthma, listen up.

There are specific foods that you can eat that have been proven to be able to make a difference in the health of your lungs. Providing the right foods for your lungs can improve their function and impact overall health. And in today’s post, we will tell you the best foods that you should eat to treat unhealthy lungs and have easier breathing. From Soy, Carrots, Tomatoes, and Garlic to Salmon and more, read till the end to learn about all of them.

#1 Apple: Apple is a healthy, nutrition-packed, and high energy, high fiber, low-calorie food. It sits on the top of our list and it’s probably on top of almost every nutritionist and dietitian’s list as well. Its flavonoids and a wide variety of vitamins, and antioxidants, particularly vitamin C, can help you maintain a strong immune system and a healthy respiratory system. When you have healthy respiratory functions, you can fight off lung diseases and prevent them naturally.

Are you a fan of apples? No? Yes? What is your favorite healthy fruit? Tell us quickly in the comments section down below!

#2 Turmeric: Turmeric has been recognized as a powerful antioxidant, thanks to its active ingredient curcumin. Curcumin destroys damage-causing cells and any potential lung tumors before they can be formed. It is best absorbed in the body in the presence of pepper. Curcumin is also a potent antiviral and antibacterial agent which can effectively stop a viral infection that usually attacks your respiratory system in its tracks. An ideal combination would be equal amounts of organic turmeric and pepper, not more than 3 grams per day mixed with a drop of olive oil. Although, keep in mind that using turmeric in cooking destroys its antioxidant properties to a large extent.

#3 Green Tea: Green Tea is loaded with antioxidants, one of which is Quercetin. This antioxidant acts like a natural antihistamine. By slowing the release of histamines, quercetin helps to reduce inflammation and protect your lungs from any irritants. Green tea is also rich in another antioxidant called flavanol which has been known to benefit heart health and has anti-cancer properties.

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#4 Mushrooms: Part of maintaining healthy lungs is getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D. This is because low vitamin D levels have been associated with an increased risk of asthma, whereas healthy vitamin D levels can help reduce asthma attacks. One of the best ways you can increase vitamin D intake is by absorbing sunshine, but mushrooms can also help you up your vitamin D levels. Mushrooms, especially ones that were exposed to a lot of sunlight, are some of the best natural sources of vitamin D. Aim to eat maitake and Portobello mushrooms.

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#5 Cayenne Pepper: Eaten both as a foodstuff and used as a seasoning, these popular peppers have a wide range of health benefits. They contain capsaicin, which has been known to help suppress irritating coughs and sore throats and help with indications of cold and flu. Cayenne pepper helps break up and move congested mucus, making it a recommended food for anyone who is suffering from bronchial congestion or respiratory ailments.

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