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Have you ever woken up with the thought that today you’ll face a life-threatening situation? Yeah me neither. I bet most people don’t even think about being in danger. But you know, you can’t predict when or where your life might be at risk — and it might happen when no one’s around to save the day. In this case, you’ll have to become your own hero, so learning some basic safety and survival tricks is absolutely crucial.

#01. Never use bleach and cleaning products that contain ammonia at the same time and in the same room. Their vapors will mix in the air and create a toxic gas called chloramine. It can seriously harm your health, leading to problems with breathing. Keep in mind that ammonia is a common ingredient in window cleaning products.

#02. The smell of urine or fish at home, for no apparent reason, should set off alarm bells in your head. It’s not that you have an incontinent fish. It means that the electrical wiring might be melting, which can lead to a fire, or even an explosion! Cut off the electricity until you figure out what’s happening.

#03. Try not to leave a pan or a deep-fryer unsupervised. But if you did, and your cooking oil caught fire, do NOT attempt to extinguish this fire with water — it’ll only make the flames shoot higher! Instead, immediately turn off the heat and cover the pan with a damp cloth or a lid. It’ll starve the fire of oxygen, putting it out. Alternatively, if a fire is still small and, therefore, manageable, dump a handful of baking soda or salt on it — it’ll smother the flames. A kitchen fire extinguisher can also be handy here.

#04. If your car conks out in the middle of a railroad track, and a train is approaching, abandon the vehicle as fast as you can. After that, run away from the track, but toward the upcoming train. If you choose the same direction as the train is moving, you’ll find yourself in the path of your late car’s debris, and you’ll have to duck under the flying big pieces.

#05. The most common heat stroke symptoms are nausea and dizziness. But how can you be sure it’s a heat stroke if these symptoms are common for so many other issues? Well, eat something sweet, like a lump of sugar or candy. If the treat tastes disgusting, immediately seek medical help — you’re having a heat stroke!

#06. Imagine your car got stuck far away from civilization, and you don’t have a phone or radio to call for help. In this case, a simple spare tire can save your life. While burning, it will produce thick black smoke visible from miles away, and chances are, somebody will notice your SOS signal. But remember this: never ever wander far away from your car. All too often, rescuers find undamaged deserted vehicles, while the drivers who’ve left them in search of help, don’t survive.

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