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Anything done in excess is going to create a problem, human tendency is always like this if you derive pleasure, high out of something, you want to do it more and more, till it comes to a level that it becomes your addiction and that is really really harmful. Here with an addiction, you are not just destroying that organ but actually destroying your whole life because of that. Ayurveda says that one drop of semen is like 40 drops of your bone marrow, it is so much strong, similarly 1 drop of semen is equivalent to 50 drops of blood, so understand every time a person masturbates, so much energy is getting wasted, for what? for pleasure, which is very wrong. Consequently, it leads to nutrition deficiencies, loss of hair, and dryness of skin, in fact, all the symptoms of old age start.

I know one boy who came to me, he was totally frustrated, very dejected, he said my life is ruined and he told me why. He told me that he used to do masturbation every night, the moment he was alone, at night he would be masturbating without that he couldn’t sleep, now this dependency on masturbation was creating a problem for him and he was doing it for years together. After marriage, he couldn’t perform, it was like impotence, erectile dysfunction, he was miserable, his wife was miserable, he couldn’t have a child and it was misery all over. His family, his wife’s family, and his entire world was suffering, why why? because excess of anything, it is harmful and he did nothing else but excess of masturbate in his life, apart from this, excess of such acts is going to make your career also in a poor condition because your focus will be lost your concentration will be lost, you will not be able to do your work so efficiently as you should have done otherwise this is very similar to the addiction of alcohol and smoking. A person totally gets deluded.


Some argue and say there are benefits of masturbation and it should be done, is there any benefit? Let’s understand. Yes, it definitely helps you in calming down sexual urges, and it releases sexual tension. But why nowadays sexual tension arises? At a young age, energy is so high, that’s why in olden times they used to get married much younger age, it had its own drawbacks, but sexual energy was managed very well and now people have not married till quite a long age so that energy how we would manage, so this is the process through which it would manage but then It should be understood that anything in excess is bad, do once in a month or maybe twice in a month would be more than enough, otherwise it is going to create a disaster, for you and for the family. It would slowly get into an addiction which would be wrong. This act is a very good stress buster too, medical science says that your body releases a happy hormone which helps you to manage your stress, but then it has a very temporary effect, we should know that, then what? you should know how to handle the stress otherwise also, not just through this. One very important point is, that sex is totally self-reliant sex, you are under stress and you know how to release the stress and you do something accordingly. In sadhu sanyasis also are dependent on this activity too because they deal with self-management so they manage their sexual energy also very strong. Once in a while they release, otherwise, they uplift their energy. In yoga, lots of activities are there, when you try to uplift your energy, sadhus do that.

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