Hello Friends, Like many you must have gone through the situation where you had decided to start fresh from the coming new year you must have thought of changing everything around you within you, you thought of working hard you must have thought about doing exercise and reading books and new year list goes on but the actual fact is people who make new year resolution amongst them 92 percent people fail to stick to their resolution and the reason for this failure is movies influence where we see a protagonist who is normal at start just like us but suddenly after doing lot of hard work in that 3 hour movie that actor able to become something huge and able to achieve everything and watching such fast changes in movies we feel even we can get success easily and quickly But actually this thing doesn’t work most of the time example I still remember few years back when I have seen a movie name Never back down, after watching that movie I took a decision with full enthusiasm and energy that from next day onwards I will do lot of exercise will get up early in the morning etc, maybe 1 day I followed my decision but next day my entire motivation energy level and enthusiasm vanished and I skipped my decision and didn’t able to continue it. maybe you too have gone through some similar situations, hence in todays’ video I will share best and easy ways with the help of which in this coming year or whenever you watch this video from that very moment you can bring change in your life within you and able to stick to your decision and able to complete your resolution and able to form long lasting habits which will help you to complete your goals and also helps you to get success and achieve something huge.

So let’s begin…

01. Stupid Small :

Author ones decided to work out daily for half an hour but even after putting lot of efforts and motivation he wasn’t able to act on it and wasn’t able to achieve his goals so one day he decided instead of working out for half an hour I will only do one push up and nothing else hence after that decision he did his first push up and achieved his that particular day goal but however he was finding that one push up very easy hence he did another push up and kept doing it with this he actually exercise for few minutes after doing it he realised one big and important thing that normal people approach towards achieving goals is not right and if we seriously want to achieve something in our life then we need to form small stupid goals at start.

Example : If your goal is to read book daily for 1 hour then at start don’t decide for 1 hour instead decide only to read 1 page daily if not that then only 1 paragraph if even that is not possible that make more stupid goal of reading 1 line daily and make habit of it by doing it regularly your starting goal should be so small and stupid that your chance of getting fail becomes zero usually people try to do many things together for which they requires lot of will power and energy which they don’t like and this thing makes them feel bad and irritated whereas if they form stupid small goals and if they complete it then this thing will make them feel good and also they will able to develop a strong habit by doing it daily hence always try that your starting goals gets complete between 1 to 5 minutes meaning, like your goal should b like only reading book for 1 minute, or doing exercise for 1 minute etc, this simple thing will help you to develop strong habit and make you ready to achieve something big.

02. Newton’s 1st law :

You must be aware of newton’s first law which says object at rest stays at rest and the object which is in motion stays in motion until an external force is applied.

Example : if a ball in placed or kept in a ground then that ball will stay like that only until and unless external force is applied to it such as kick or strong wind whereas on the other side if you kick a ball on space then that ball will connect with motion and kept on moving far and far until any external force such as gravitational force or any other forces doesn’t come in picture now the relation between this law and our habit as per science is when we rest, at that time staying under rest mode is easy and normal for us and if we want to take action then we need to come under action mode but the problem and the hardest part of this equation is to travel from rest mode to action mode its difficult even as per physics

Example : when a rocket goes on space through earth maximum fuel of that rocket get used while take off but ones that rocket moves away from earth’s gravitational pull then it becomes easy for that rocket to move for the space but the amazing thing about a mini habit is, it makes the hardest part easy it makes easy for us to travel from rest mode to motion mode suppose. If you stay under rest mode and decide that after getting up I need to work out for an hour or had to read a book for half an hour then doing this can become very difficult for you but if you say to yourself that I just need to do 1 push up or just need to read 1 paragraph then this thing will be similar to going from 0 to 1 which is very easy and simple compared to going from 0 to 100 directly hence this is an amazing thing about a mini habit which moves us easily from rest mode to action mode without consuming much energy and when we take small actions and come under motion and the complete small task at that time we feel like a winner our brain receives positive affirmation which is really very important to form and develop permanent strong habits and I have explained this in more detail in one of my video pain and pleasure principle.

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