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Hey, there readers! We often forget to pay attention to the amount of fiber in our diet. It might seem irrelevant, but fiber is very important for your health. It keeps your digestive system on track and keeps you full longer, preventing blood sugar spikes. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about 16 high fiber foods you should eat often. How much fiber do broccoli and beetroot give you? What chickpeas and split peas are artichokes a good choice? We’ll be talking about all this and more…

#01. Broccoli

Green veggies are full of nutrients and fiber. Especially cruciferous veggies like broccoli. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. You get loads of Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Folate, and Iron. A high amount of Vitamins B and K, Potassium, and Manganese as well. You get almost three grams of fiber from one cup of broccoli. That’s a generous amount. The best way to eat broccoli is to eat it raw, steamed, or slightly sauteed. Heating for too long kills nutrients like Vitamin C. My favorite way to eat broccoli is to saute it a little with equal amounts of diced tofu. Sprinkle a little black salt and pepper. Squeeze a little lemon on top and toss it. You now have a delicious snack ready and it’s healthy too!

How do you like to eat broccoli? Do you eat it on its own, or add it to your pasta and noodles? Share your preferences with the bestie community in the comments below.

#02. Artichoke

Artichoke may not be very popular but that doesn’t mean this exotic veggie is any less nutritious. It’s one of the world’s best sources of fiber. One french artichoke gives you seven grams of fiber. But before you jump on this veggie, there’s something else you need to know. A lot depends upon the way you eat them. How you prepare artichokes can increase or decrease their nutritional value. Steaming and boiling help break down the cell walls. This means antioxidants present in artichokes are readily available to your body. So eat artichokes that are boiled or steamed. Nothing fried.

#03. Brussels Sprouts

Just like their distant cousin Broccoli, Brussels sprouts are full of nutrients and fiber. This cruciferous veggie gives you loads of Antioxidants, Vitamin K, Potassium, and Folate. One cup of raw brussels sprouts gives you over three grams of fiber you can eat them as you like. But how about trying brussels sprouts with roasted bacon and apples. Drizzle a bit of balsamic vinegar on top and you have one delicious meal.

#04. Tomatoes

Juicy ripe tomatoes. They make for delicious soups and sauces. But there is more to this antioxidant-rich veggie. You get lots of Antioxidants, Vitamin C and K, Potassium, and Folate. You also get two grams of fiber from one cup of chopped tomatoes. So eat tomatoes in the form of soups or add them raw to your salads. Whatever you do make sure you’re eating them in the cooked form. Roasting and cooking increase the level of powerful antioxidants found in tomatoes.

#05. Kidney Beans

These are one of the most popular legumes, and rightly so. They are bursting with nutrition and flavor. You can add these beans to so many dishes, whether it’s a lentil soup or a curry. Cook them with rice. Risotto is a mouth-watering delicacy made from kidney beans. But have you thought about what makes them so popular? It’s the generous amount of Vitamins and Minerals they offer you like Potassium, Magnesium, Vitamin B6, and Iron. You also get lots of fiber. Just one cup of cooked kidney beans will give you 12 grams of dietary fiber. Pretty awesome, right?

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Looking after our mental health and emotional well being is just as important as caring for our physical health.

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Healthy Mind - Think Big

Healthy Mind - Think Big

Looking after our mental health and emotional well being is just as important as caring for our physical health.

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